As the name implies, we will examine a different UAE-based auto insurance provider. To help our readers better understand the benefits and drawbacks of various automobile insurance companies, we are reviewing numerous UAE insurance firms. After all, not everything that glitters is gold. High competition is a feature of the vehicle insurance market. To draw clients, insurance companies employ a variety of strategies.

Sometimes the policies are completely inaccessible to users. The policyholders are paying excessive premiums when there are other providers that may have provided a better deal. In addition, some insurance companies trap clients in various catches in order to avoid paying their legitimate claims. We therefore evaluate auto insurance firms to aid our readers in avoiding such mistakes. We shall discuss the Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. in this article.


We’re confident you may infer from the company’s name where it was founded. The business was initially incorporated in Japan in 1879. One of the first non-life insurance firms was established in Japan. Contrary to popular opinion, the company has been operating in the UAE market for some time. It has operated in this location since 1976.

It has an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s and an Aa3 rating from Moody’s. Both ratings indicate a steady financial outlook and profitability for the business. Tokio’s sponsorship by Al Futtaim Development Services Co. LLC, one of the most well-known companies in the Gulf region, is one of its most notable features.


Here are a few of the unique qualities that set Tokio apart as a top-tier supplier of automobile insurance in the UAE.


Tokio has a transparent pricing structure with no additional fees, in contrast to many other insurance firms around the world. In Tokio’s situation, the adage “what you see is what you get” has never been truer. The corporate representative presents a thorough payment schedule to the prospective insured. To prevent issues, customers are informed in advance of any price changes.

Personal Valuables Cover

Tokio thinks that a person’s possessions are just as significant as their vehicle, owner, and occupants. As a result, the policy includes coverage for personal items kept in the boot or glove compartment. Therefore, you are protected if a collision damages your laptop, phone, or any other asset.


Regulators and policyholders have expressed regret over how quickly insurance companies operate. The insurance companies typically take months to process a complaint before rejecting the claim. Tokio, on the other hand, is not like other insurance providers. Their approach for handling complaints is pretty effective. In order to avoid wearing out the claimant, customers are constantly updated throughout the complaint procedure.

Agency Repair

Providing agency repair is Tokio. The benefit of agency repair is easy to understand. You will feel satisfied knowing that authentic spare parts, not knockoffs, were used to fix your car. Other than this, there is little cause for concern regarding the calibre of the work. The agency’s employees are aware of exactly what needs to be done to restore the car to its original state. It is best to note right away that if you choose agency repair, the premium may increase because agency repairs are rather pricey.

Free Roadside Assistance

The breakdown of a vehicle happens frequently. Tokio offers free roadside assistance if you ever find yourself stranded anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Just give the insurer a call and explain the situation. The insurance provider will set up the required resources for your assistance based on your location and current situation.

Family Cover

The best feature of Tokio’s auto insurance plans is that the owner’s family is included by default. It means that your wife and children are automatically insured, so you do not need to purchase separate insurance for them. Tokio offers Personal Accident Benefit as well if you require additional protection.

Online Payment

Tokio allows online payments, just like many other insurance companies. Tokio will send you a digital certificate confirming that their auto insurance policy now covers you once the payment has been processed and cleared.

No Claims Discount

Drivers are eligible for a No Claims Discount of up to 20% if they haven’t made a claim in the last year. By engaging in successful negotiation, you can also obtain further savings. The majority of insurance companies also provide a variety of other discounts. Be careful to review all available deals.

Off-road Cover

For those who want to tour the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, Tokio also provides off-road coverage. The sole prerequisite is that your car must be 4×4-capable.

Rent a Car Cover & More

You can use the rent-a-vehicle option for up to 15 days if the car needs substantial repairs or is beyond repair. For minor damages, you can also have the car fixed at a shop of your choosing. You can use the rent-a-vehicle option for up to 15 days if the car needs substantial repairs or is beyond repair. For minor damages, you can also have the car fixed at a shop of your choosing.

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