Driving mileage was covered by PitStopArabia in our post titled “How Customers Affect their Car Insurance Premium”. This was the article’s very first point, and we talked about how the amount you plan to drive affects the premium. In-depth discussion of mileage and auto insurance will be covered in this article. Many of us are unaware of the requirement to disclose your intended driving distance to the insurance company. However, that is not the underlying problem. How are we supposed to compute the mileage is the recurring issue that causes disagreement amongst us all. What happens if we travel much less or more than the reported mileage?

These are inquiries that require responses. Let’s begin.


Your annual miles can be calculated in a number of different ways. Simply check the odometer to see if the car is fresh new. You’ll get a sense of your yearly mileage from it. When receiving an older vehicle, many individuals pay attention to the odometer. This facilitates tracking. There is no need to worry if you overlooked the odometer.

To gain an idea, just glance at the service records. Your current personal situation must also be taken into account. Do you intend to continue working from home in the near future? Do you now commute to your place of employment every day? All of them influence the amount of miles you travel annually.

For instance, someone who works from home saves a lot of gas compared to someone who must commute every day. Additionally, be important to inform the insurance provider if you switch from working from home to a job that needs commuting. Any modifications should always be communicated to the insurance provider through email or in writing. This assists you in keeping an accurate record that may be useful.

What if you’ve never owned a car before? Given that you have never had a car before and that you don’t know how many miles you’ll be driving, what will you say to the insurance company? Insurance corporations once more have the solution. They might put telematics equipment in your car to track your driving habits and mileage. This may enable them to more accurately determine the cost of your insurance.

In order to ensure safe driving among UAE citizens, the UAE Insurance Authority is already collaborating with interested parties on the implementation of telematics in automobiles. If you decide against using such technology, simply keep track of your weekly miles. You can use it to estimate your yearly mileage. PitStopArabia advises adding extra miles for unanticipated visits and vacations.


Different measures are used by insurance companies in the UAE and around the world to calculate the insurance premium. Mileage is one of these measurements. Driving more increases the likelihood of a claim. The rationale is that a car that is driven more frequently than one that is driven less frequently is more likely to be in an accident. As a result, the premium will be greater if you inform the insurance company that you plan to drive 15,000 kilometres per year as opposed to 10,000 km.


PitStopArabia would like to point out that this article’s primary goal was to respond to that query. Naturally, many of you would have the same question for yourself. Some of us might even be tempted to lie about how much we drive each year in order to pay less. Please read the next paragraph before attempting this.

It’s not a problem if you accidentally overstate the mileage. However, to receive a lower premium when your policy is renewed, be sure to update the mileage. Understatement, whether deliberate or not, is the true problem. If you purposely understate the mileage, the insurance providers will have a reason to deny your claim. Your policy might potentially be blocked.

The insurance provider would frequently increase your premium rather than completely deny your request for coverage. However, it is possible and has happened to a number of people. This serves as a warning to anyone considering reducing their mileage in an effort to acquire a reduced premium.

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