I’m Stepping Down as Copyblogger CEO


I’m Stepping Down as Copyblogger CEO

The time has come. Today, I’m stepping down as the head honcho of Copyblogger Media.

Since this thing began as a one-man blog back in 2006, I’ve been the one in control, for better and in negative ways. Through the three new companies that sent off the webpage somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2009, to the variety of items and administrations we presented by means of Copyblogger Media somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2017, it’s completely been my issue.

I realized the time had come to continue on quite a while back when I got back from my 7-month vacation. We had sold StudioPress and Rainmaker, and I was somewhat finished. In any case, there were activities and game plans to be made before I could appropriately step down.

During the most recent two years, all my previous accomplices acknowledged purchase out offers so they could seek after new ventures. Furthermore, all the while, I got an extraordinary new accomplice in Tim Stoddart, who is assuming control over everyday administration of the organization.

Tim has been running things pretty much starting from the start of 2021, with me there next to him assuming he really wanted me (and that won’t change). He’s confronted obstructions and difficulties like a pro, and I have the greatest possible level of trust in him going ahead.

So what happens next? Indeed, Further and Unemployable, normally. Yet additionally, something different from Copyblogger — our new satisfied showcasing organization. I’ll be the technique fellow and brand evangelist around there.

As I messed with our previous VP of Promoting Robert Bruce a few days ago, I’ve formally entered my late David Ogilvy stage. Soon, I intend to be saved in my French estate, composing furious updates about how nobody pays attention to me any longer.

Jokes to the side, I’m just about as invigorated and stimulated as ever to assist with advancing the universe of content showcasing, computerized business, and the maker economy. Here’s to the following 15 years!

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