4 Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations


4 Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations

There’s nothing more straightforward than sound substance, correct? Simply fire up your recording programming and begin talking ceaselessly.

All things considered, sure … yet “simple to make” doesn’t ensure anybody will tune in (or continue to tune in).

Get some margin to structure and set up the sound copywriting for your recording, in any case, and you can put out especially captivating sound substance that still just requires some investment that cleaned composing would.

Despite the fact that you’re not delivering composed content, what you put down in writing before you record will have a significant effect.

We should take a gander at framing your sound show first prior to examining the copywriting procedures that work too for sound as they accomplish for text.

Structuring your audio presentation

Structure is similarly as significant in convincing sound copywriting for what it’s worth in an article or other composed content.

The fastest method for losing an audience is to neglect to accomplish an intelligent progression of the focuses you’re attempting to make, which you’ll rapidly find while you’re figuring out how to structure an online class.

A point by point frame that guides you through the show and reminds you when to utilize your key commitment procedures (covered beneath) is totally basic for a great many people to introduce in sound really.

Along these lines, you could frame your show with this design:


Consideration starts before the sound show starts, since you need to persuade somebody to tune in any case.

So the title of the show and key list items of what the future holds for the audience is where consideration starts, yet you should keep up with consideration with a convincing opening to the sound joined with an emphasis of what esteem the audience will get for staying with you.


Why compassion? Since you’re attempting to shape a bond with the audience.

You’re attempting to make a feeling of closeness that shapes an association. Assuming you accomplish that association with audience members, they’ll realize you figure out their concerns.

That makes the craving for your proposed arrangement normally more grounded … and this is a lot simpler to accomplish with your voice than it is with text.


Try not to fail with regards to really making sense of the arrangement. Holding consideration and laying out compassion will be in support of nothing on the off chance that you neglect to impart precisely how and why the arrangement functions.

Since you comprehend how and why the arrangement functions doesn’t imply that the audience is getting it, so you’ll need to increase understanding however much as could be expected.


As of now, ideally you’ve made craving for the proposed arrangement.

In any case, it isn’t sufficient to make want. You must explicitly ask or guide the audience next, and furthermore settle on the decision to activity as convincing as could really be expected.

It ought not be pushy, however it can’t be expected that the audience will make the following stride all alone … so be a pioneer.

Presently we should investigate how we will introduce the substance in a convincing way. From that point onward, we’ll take a gander at an illustration of how every method fits inside our show structure.

1. Stories and anecdotes

The most impressive enticing substance technique is narrating and the brilliant utilization of tale.

Other than being exceptionally captivating, stories are the best way for individuals to choose for themselves that what you’re talking about is exact. Thus, by picking the right stories, you’re really pointing individuals toward the path you want.

What’s the key to picking the right story or tale?

Regardless of the subject, the right story is generally somehow about the audience members. Recollect that and you’ll turn into a powerful expressed word narrator. (What’s more, remember to figure out how to get the best sound quality from your mic!)

2. Metaphors, similes, and analogies

Need somebody to “get” what you’re talking about? What about in the event that you need them to “get it” with a certain goal in mind?

The key is to get figurative by utilizing language that straightforwardly analyzes what you’re clarifying for something the audience as of now comprehends.

Outside guaranteeing ability to understand, the essential utilization of allegory or similarity can be profoundly influential.

By picking the right examination, you can control individuals toward the path you need. Positive affiliations can be made voluntarily, and potential hindrances can be killed or reevaluated.

3. Mirroring

Reflecting is a strategy where you show that you are a close friend to the audience (it helps massively assuming this is credible).

All in all, you’re very much like your audience members (or all the more significantly, you used to be very much like them … however presently you’re what they need to be thanks to the arrangement).

For this reason your statement decision is significant despite the fact that no doubt about it.” “in such manner, David Ogilvy said all that needed to be said:

4. Mind’s eye scenarios

With “inner consciousness situations,” you request that the audience imagine the ideal gainful result they desire to accomplish, and afterward attach that ideal future projection to your answer utilizing situations and results.

This time, the subject of the story is in a real sense the audience.

You can incite somebody to envision what they need, and consolidate that with different related situations and potential results that outcome from the activity they take today.

This can be an exceptionally enticing system when your answer is integrated with a learning situation that works out in the possibility’s brain.

An example of structure paired with technique

All of the above might appear to be a piece elusive, so we should take a gander at how we could function this kind of sound copywriting into a genuine digital broadcast.

Suppose you’re truly energetic about the “area autonomous way of life” and are really experiencing that way, and you need to persuade individuals that it’s absolutely possible for anybody who makes their living on the web.

Consideration: Lead with an imagination situation that immediately draws in the audience and sets up the substance that follows:

Envision you woke today in Paris to the smell of rich dark espresso and delicate warm croissants. No, you’re not holiday … this is simply one more ordinary old day. Also, last month it was Buenos Aires …

Compassion: You’ve let individuals know content coming in the arrangement segment, however before you get to that, recount an individual reflecting story to all the more likely interface with audience members:

A long time back, I thought turning into a world-voyager while proceeding to make a living was an unthinkable dream, particularly since I have little kids …

Following the “I get how you’re feeling” story, tell the “I’m currently where you need to be” story that supports that the previous imagination situation is reachable:

Well … I truly woke in Paris today, and partook in that espresso and croissant prior to getting on the telephone with a client. Also, Buenos Aires was stunning last month …

Arrangement: Persuading individuals they can truly would what they like to do can be more diligently than it appears, particularly when dread and uncertainty are involved.

Use a lot of relationships to normal and basic undertakings to show that your answers are possible, and expand with examples of overcoming adversity of area free experts you by and by know:

Many individuals accept that they won’t ever make the area free way of life for themselves because of the entirety of the underlying obstacles. However, contemplate things you presently underestimate that appeared to be inconceivable right away. Like driving a vehicle for example …

Activity: What do you believe that audience members should do straightaway? Request that they make it happen … and be certain about it. You’re attempting to further develop lives, not a great explanation to be conciliatory about it.

Use the power of audio to your advantage

This is on the grounds that you need to figure out how to impart things like energy, fervor, and mockery with static words and accentuation alone.

It’s no big surprise so many retreat to interjection focuses, yellow featuring, and emoticons to ensure individuals get the point.

At the point when your specialized instrument is your own voice, it gets a lot simpler. Your expression, tone, and giggling are normally clear, which permits your enthusiasm and earnestness to radiate through in sound copywriting in a way that may be lost in text.

You can try and “hear” somebody grin as they talk, and that is really strong.

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